TruTechnology Provides Exceptional IT Services Across Duval County

TruTechnology, a top-managed IT services provider, has significantly impacted Duval County with its unique strategic approach to information technology. The company’s mission in the region is to provide comprehensive IT services and ensure businesses achieve success and growth through enhanced operational efficiency. Through its dedication to customer service, specialized industry solutions, and a focus on proactive problem prevention, TruTechnology is rapidly setting itself apart from other IT service providers in the area.

The key to TruTechnology’s success in Duval County lies in its innovative service delivery model, which comprises six dedicated departments catering to every aspect of IT management. This holistic approach enables the company to resolve immediate IT issues clients face and foresee and mitigate potential risks by implementing preventative measures. With a strong emphasis on client success stories, TruTechnology is always working to improve how businesses operate and stay secure in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • TruTechnology offers a unique, strategic approach to IT services focused on proactive problem prevention and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • The company’s six dedicated departments ensure comprehensive IT management, from ongoing auditing to specialized industry solutions.
  • TruTechnology’s commitment to client success has established it as a leading IT service provider in Duval County and beyond.

Our Mission in Duval County

Empowering Local Businesses

At TruTechnology, we aim to empower local businesses in Duval County by offering comprehensive and strategic IT services. A well-managed IT infrastructure can significantly boost a business’s efficiency and support its long-term goals. Our unique approach, featuring a solid foundation of six dedicated departments with an array of services, allows us to provide depth, improved functionality, and increased productivity by preventing problems from occurring in the first place.

We have helped various clients in Duval County, such as Campbell Plumbing Contractors and JWB Real Estate Capital, by rebuilding their IT infrastructure, showing them potential security breaches, and reducing their trouble tickets significantly. Our clients value the investment we bring to their organizations, resulting in increased trust and reliance on our services.

Fostering Technological Growth

We believe in fostering technological growth by providing a truly proactive IT process called “TruActive.” Our dedicated IT Audit & Alignment Team continuously audits networks, applications, system development, and corporate systems and processes, comparing them to industry standards like NIST. This ensures your environment remains secure and up-to-date, avoiding potential issues before they impact your business.

Furthermore, our Fractional CIO Services involve assigning a Technology Success Manager who conducts scheduled recurring business technology reviews and helps clients develop a long-term strategic plan while considering the business impact of technology-related decisions.

Additionally, our TruSupport team provides:

  • Vendor management
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Unlimited onsite support
  • Expanded service desk hours – Monday through Friday, 7 am to 6 pm (ET), and on-call 24/7/365 for emergencies

TruCOM, our Centralized Operations Management department, oversees all managed platforms across our client base, ensuring they run efficiently and securely. This team, including experts like our former Department of Defense auditor, handles various tasks, such as:

  • Cloud platforms management (e.g., Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce)
  • Backup and disaster recovery systems
  • Patch management
  • Desktop optimization
  • Next-Generation Antivirus
  • Email security
  • Dark web monitoring

By offering top-notch IT solutions, TruTechnology aims to create a thriving technological landscape in Duval County, supporting the success and growth of local businesses.

Comprehensive IT Services Offered

Jacksonville-based TruTechnology offers a strategic, unique approach to IT services across Duval County. Here is a breakdown of their comprehensive IT services designed to help businesses succeed.

Managed IT Services

TruTechnology provides Managed IT Services to ensure smooth operation and minimal business downtime. They offer proactive solutions, like rebuilding IT rooms and addressing security vulnerabilities before problems occur. TruTechnology has earned praise for its exceptional customer service and dedication to client success by significantly reducing support tickets and providing fast response times.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Solutions are an integral part of TruTechnology’s offerings. They provide ongoing IT auditing and NIST compliance checks to identify potential risks and prevent breaches. Their dedicated IT audit teams collaborate with Business Technology Success Managers, or TruCIOs, to create and update technical documentation, knowledge base articles, and reports, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment of IT systems with client objectives.

Cloud Computing

TruTechnology’s Cloud Computing services enable businesses to harness cutting-edge technologies that improve team productivity without sacrificing security or flexibility. They oversee and manage a wide range of cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce. In addition to cloud management, they handle various aspects of IT infrastructure, including backup and disaster recovery, patch management, and endpoint security.

In summary, TruTechnology offers a comprehensive suite of IT services tailored to the unique needs of their clients. Through managed IT services, cybersecurity solutions, and cloud computing, they deliver a strategic and unique approach to IT service management backed by their commitment to client success and operational efficiency.

Why TruTechnology Stands Out

Tailored IT Strategies

TruTechnology understands that every business is unique, so they provide IT Business Services tailored to each client’s specific needs. By aligning their IT strategies with the client’s business goals, they ensure increased efficiency and effectiveness, keeping sight of their client’s mission. Through ongoing IT auditing and a dedicated IT auditor assigned to each account, they work proactively to prevent issues from arising in the first place.

Expert Technical Support

Clients of TruTechnology can rely on exceptional customer service and fast response times, thanks to their dedicated support team known as TruSupport. Providing unlimited remote and onsite assistance, this team can handle any IT challenges clients may face. Their expanded service desk hours and 24/7 emergency support ensure that clients never have to deal with IT-related disruptions alone. By analyzing the root causes of recurring issues, the TruSupport team works proactively to reduce the number of problems a business encounters, offering peace of mind and seamless integration of IT services.

Proactive Innovation

Innovation and proactive management are the heart of TruTechnology’s unique approach. Their Fractional CIO (TruCIO) services, backed by experts in strategic business planning, help clients make informed technology decisions that align with their long-term goals. A dedicated team called Centralized Operations Management (TruCOM) oversees the management of various cloud platforms, backup systems, and security measures, ensuring optimal performance for clients.

Emphasizing prevention and forward-thinking, TruTechnology stands out in managed IT services. Their dedication to addressing each client’s specific needs while remaining proactive and innovative makes them a worthy partner for businesses throughout Duval County.

Industry-Specific Solutions

TruTechnology offers comprehensive IT services tailored to various industries. Understanding each industry’s unique requirements and challenges ensures businesses can leverage technology effectively to support their growth, security, and productivity. This section will discuss their managed IT services catering to the healthcare, legal, and educational sectors.

Healthcare IT

Patient privacy and data security are paramount in the highly regulated healthcare industry. TruTechnology provides reliable IT solutions that ensure compliance with healthcare-specific standards, such as HIPAA. Their ongoing IT auditing and proactive monitoring services safeguard sensitive patient information, while their disaster recovery systems offer protection against data loss and downtime. Adopting cloud-based solutions helps healthcare providers improve operational efficiency and enhance patient care experiences, with TruTechnology offering support for platforms like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Google G Suite.

Legal IT Services

Technology is critical for legal firms to manage sensitive case information, streamline processes, and maintain a competitive edge. TruTechnology offers tailor-made IT solutions designed specifically for the legal sector. They provide secure cloud platforms, like Microsoft Azure and Google G Suite, for seamless collaboration among legal teams. Additionally, their next-generation antivirus and email security measures protect firms from potential cyber threats. With TruTechnology’s 24/7 onsite and remote support, legal professionals can focus on their clients, knowing their systems are well-maintained and secure.

Educational IT Support

Today’s educational institutions rely heavily on technology to facilitate and enhance learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. TruTechnology offers specialized IT support for educational institutions, catering to their unique technological needs. They help schools implement and manage cloud-based systems like Microsoft 365, Google G Suite, and various Learning Management Systems (LMS) to promote a modern learning environment. Their comprehensive IT services also include desktop optimization, patch management, and dark web monitoring, ensuring educational networks’ and systems’ safety and efficiency. Furthermore, TruTechnology provides unlimited onsite and remote support to minimize disruptions and allow educators to focus on their primary mission: teaching and inspiring students.

Client Success Stories

TruTechnology has an impressive track record of helping businesses across Duval County succeed in leveraging technology for growth and efficiency. TruTechnology has consistently delivered exceptional IT services to its clients through a unique and strategic approach.

One of their successful collaborations is with Campbell Plumbing Contractors. According to Keith Campbell, TruTechnology rebuilt its entire IT room and identified potential security breaches, ensuring they are well-equipped to tackle future IT challenges. This partnership has brought immense value and return on investment to Campbell Plumbing Contractors.

Another long-term collaboration between TruTechnology and JAX CHAMBER exemplifies the company’s dedication to top-tier customer service. Kelly Pourciau, a client since 2012, commended their fast response times and high-quality service, making them feel like their only client. This attention to detail and personalized approach demonstrates TruTechnology’s commitment to its clients’ success.

In the case of JWB Real Estate Capital, client Gregg Cohen highlighted how TruTechnology genuinely cares for its customers, going above and beyond to ensure reduced trouble tickets compared to its previous IT service provider. This showcases their ability to create lasting and fruitful relationships with clients, solidifying their role as a reliable IT partner.

One of the key factors behind TruTechnology’s success is its unique approach, which is built on six dedicated departments offering a range of services. This framework promotes a proactive and holistic approach, dedicating resources to identifying potential problems before they impact the clients’ businesses. This preventative measure is coupled with ongoing IT auditing, making TruTechnology a true pioneer in providing cutting-edge IT services.

Providing TruTechnology clients with a fractional CIO service is another key advantage, helping them develop long-term strategic plans and understanding the potential risks and business impact of technology-related decisions. For instance, Daniel Nicolitz and Chris Stuhlman, experts in strategic business planning, greatly contribute to clients’ success by aligning technology investments with business goals.

TruTechnology’s Happy to Help Desk service further enhances the customer experience by offering single-point hardware and software needs, unlimited remote support, and expanded service desk hours, ensuring complete satisfaction and efficient resolution of support tickets. This dedicated customer-centric approach enables businesses to focus on their core competencies while relying on TruTechnology to manage their IT needs seamlessly.

In conclusion, TruTechnology’s unique approach and commitment to customer success, backed by a comprehensive and strategic service delivery model, make it the ideal choice for businesses in Duval County seeking reliable and efficient IT services.

Getting Started with TruTechnology

TruTechnology is a leading IT service provider in Duval County, offering a unique and strategic approach to managing IT services for businesses. The company focuses on improving functionality and productivity while preventing problems from occurring in the first place.

Consultation Process

The first step to starting with TruTechnology is scheduling a complimentary tech consultation. During the consultation, an IT Auditor will be assigned to your account, conducting a thorough assessment of your current IT infrastructure and comparing it to NIST standards on an ongoing basis. This helps identify potential issues before they impact your business.

Some of the services TruTechnology provides during the consultation process include:

  • Recurring best practice reviews on dedicated days solely focused on your business
  • Creating and updating documentation and knowledge base articles for both teams to leverage
  • Providing technical reporting to your assigned Technology Success Manager (TruCIO)

Onboarding Experience

Once the consultation process is complete and you decide to move forward with TruTechnology, the onboarding experience begins. This includes setting up Managed IT Services tailored to help your business succeed. Clients benefit from a solid foundation comprising six dedicated departments with an array of services.

As part of the onboarding experience, TruTechnology assigns a Technology Success Manager (TruCIO) to your account, who will:

  • Conduct scheduled recurring business technology reviews, helping you develop a long-term strategic plan
  • Evaluate potential risks uncovered by your assigned IT Auditor
  • Help you clearly understand the business impact of technology-related decisions
  • Work with the Solutions Design team to evaluate products and vendors to come up with creative solutions to your business challenges

In addition to the TruCIO, TruTechnology provides a range of IT services, including:

  • Happy to Help Desk: Offers vendor management, unlimited remote and onsite support, expanded service desk hours, and 24x7x365 emergency support
  • Wizard Behind the Curtain (TruCOM): Manages your cloud platforms, backup and disaster recovery systems, patch management, desktop optimization, antivirus software, email security, and dark web monitoring
  • Solutions Design Services: Plans, designs, and implements IT solutions that suit your business needs

With TruTechnology, businesses can expect a comprehensive and proactive IT management strategy, ensuring minimal support requests while contributing to their overall success, recognition, and operational efficiency.

Our Commitment to Duval County

At TruTechnology, we believe in providing exceptional IT services that help businesses flourish in Duval County and beyond. Our strategic approach to IT involves a comprehensive and unique combination of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. With nearly two decades of experience, TruTechnology is committed to ensuring companies remain efficient, secure, and competitive in today’s technology-driven market.

Proactive IT Auditing

TruTechnology takes a proactive stance in IT management by performing ongoing IT auditing. Our dedicated IT Audit & Alignment Team compares your environment to hundreds of NIST standards, identifying potential issues before they impact your business. This level of analysis ensures that your business remains secure, stable, and well-aligned with industry best practices.

Fractional CIO Services

Our tradition in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry of focusing on fostering strategic business growth has led to the creation of Technology Success Managers (TruCIO). This team consists of experts in business planning and fully understands the intricacies of technology necessary for success in various industries.

Happy to Help Desk

Mismanaged technology can lead to problems and potential risks. That’s why our TruSupport team is always ready to lend a helping hand, providing a single point of contact for all your hardware and software needs. We offer unlimited remote and on-site support and expanded service desk hours to ensure your technology runs smoothly.

Behind-the-Scenes Management

Our Centralized Operations Management (TruCOM) team operates seamlessly behind the scenes, overseeing all systems across our client base to minimize risks and maximize efficiency. They are responsible for maintaining essential platforms such as cloud services, backup and disaster recovery systems, patch management, desktop optimization, next-generation antivirus, email security, and dark web monitoring.

Solutions Design Services

When you know your objectives but are unsure how to achieve them, our Solutions Design team comes into play. We utilize the Cisco PPDIOO technology lifecycle management method to deliver custom IT solutions that meet your organization’s needs.

In conclusion, TruTechnology’s unique approach to IT services in Duval County is founded on a commitment to providing businesses with comprehensive IT support, protection, and strategic planning. Our focus on continuous improvement and exceptional customer service ensures your organization remains competitive, secure, and poised for growth.

TruTechnology Future Vision

TruTechnology, a leading provider of managed IT services in Duval County, is dedicated to helping businesses succeed through their unique approach to IT services. By focusing on preventing problems before they occur and offering comprehensive IT support, TruTechnology ensures that companies can confidently tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

With a focus on incorporating innovative technologies and solutions into clients’ operations, TruTechnology envisions a future where businesses can leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve efficiency and minimize errors. By embracing these advancements, companies can expect to see transformations in their day-to-day operations, and decision-making, and in predicting and preventing potential issues.

Furthermore, TruTechnology is committed to providing dedicated teams of specialists for each client. This includes ongoing IT auditing, ensuring businesses meet the necessary standards and avoid downtime. The IT Auditing team aims to stay ahead of problems, following the “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” approach. They continually compare client environments to NIST standards, helping maintain a secure and reliable IT infrastructure.

TruTechnology also offers Fractional CIO (TruCIO) services, providing clients access to strategic business planning experts. These professionals work closely with clients to develop long-term technology strategies aligned with their business goals. This collaboration allows businesses to make informed decisions about their technology investments and better understand the impact of these decisions.

TruTechnology’s Happy to Help Desk provides unlimited remote and onsite support and vendor management to support their clients’ daily IT needs. The team is available during extended hours and for emergencies, ensuring clients receive the help they need when they need it most.

Behind the scenes, the Centralized Operations Management (TruCOM) team oversees all the platforms deployed across the client base, ensuring efficient and optimal performance. From cloud platforms to patch management and endpoint security, the TruCOM team takes care of the technical details, allowing clients to focus on their core business functions.

Finally, the Solutions Design Services team is focused on helping clients achieve their goals by evaluating products and vendors and creating creative solutions to their business challenges. By staying on the cutting edge of technology and industry best practices, TruTechnology can continue to offer clients customized IT solutions that empower them to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

TruTechnology’s visionary approach to IT services allows businesses in Duval County to navigate an increasingly complex technological landscape confidently. By offering comprehensive, proactive solutions and expert support, they ensure that their clients are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates TruTechnology’s IT services from competitors in Duval County?

TruTechnology offers a unique approach to IT services, focusing on prevention and improved functionality. Their service delivery model is based on six dedicated departments, offering an array of services to keep client systems running efficiently and securely. Their proactive measures, such as ongoing IT auditing and their TruActive methodology, help prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

Can TruTechnology’s strategic IT solutions integrate with existing business systems?

Yes, TruTechnology is well-equipped to work with various business systems and applications. They provide cloud-based solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced productivity. Furthermore, they offer vendor management services as a single point of contact for all your hardware and software needs.

What IT services does TruTechnology offer businesses within Jacksonville, FL?

TruTechnology offers a comprehensive range of IT services to businesses in Jacksonville, including proactive and preventive Managed IT Services, Cloud Computing Services, Cybersecurity, and Downtime Prevention. They provide ongoing IT auditing, Fractional CIO services, a dedicated support team with expanded service desk hours, and a team overseeing multiple managed platforms to ensure system stability and security.

How does TruTechnology ensure data security and compliance for its clients?

TruTechnology employs cutting-edge security measures, such as intrusion detection, firewalls, and ongoing monitoring, to protect your sensitive information from cyber threats. Additionally, they offer services like next-generation antivirus, email security, and dark web monitoring to safeguard your systems and data. Their dedicated IT Audit and alignment team is responsible for conducting regular audits, adhering to NIST standards, and ensuring your environment remains secure and compliant.

What support and maintenance options are available through TruTechnology’s managed services?

TruTechnology provides comprehensive support and maintenance options, including unlimited remote and onsite support when necessary. Their service desk hours are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ET), Monday through Friday, with 24x7x365 on-call availability for emergencies at no additional charge. They also handle vendor management, offering a single point of contact for all your hardware and software needs.

How does TruTechnology tailor its IT solutions to meet sector-specific needs?

TruTechnology assigns a Technology Success Manager (TruCIO) to each client, who works with you to develop a long-term strategic plan tailored to your industry and business needs. They will help you understand the business impact of technology decisions, evaluate potential risks, and collaborate with the Solutions Design team to create innovative solutions for your unique challenges. This personalized approach ensures that your IT investment supports your business goals and contributes to your success.

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