Hurricane season hasn’t even officially begun, but we’ve already had two named storms. In fact, forecasters have warned that our upcoming hurricane season is going to be a doozy filled with above-average storm activity. And while we can’t always predict impending crises, we can prepare for them when we have the advantage of knowing they’re coming and it’s just a matter of when. 

Navigating hurricane season can be difficult because every storm is different, and despite predictions, we never really know what to expect. What we do know is this: No one wants to deal with another crisis, especially considering we have yet to come out the other end of our current crisis.

Now, ahead of the 2020 hurricane season, the CDC is sharing advice to help you prepare for the hurricane season during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Their biggest piece of advice? You have to start planning now. 

For us, that means protecting your business so you’re ready when disaster strikes. 

Hurricane Season & Your Business

COVID-19 has impacted the way businesses work, and during this time, we’ve all learned that many businesses weren’t set up for success to handle a crisis. Working from home has highlighted many weak links for businesses, from cybersecurity to data protection, and many have realized just how important it is to have a proactive IT support provider to keep their business protected when they need it most. 

As we prepare for hurricane season during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to acknowledge that although we’re not in the clear from the virus just yet, hurricane season is still coming, ready or not. When it does, how will you make sure your business is protected? 

Hurricane Problems 

Storms and technology don’t mix, but your business doesn’t have to suffer because of it. With an IT support provider working as an extension of your team, you can have confidence knowing that your business will be able to weather the storm. 

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to learn how to function remotely, and just as they’re beginning to think about returning to the office, they have something else to contend with: a severe, rapidly-approaching hurricane season. 

The impact from a storm could create new challenges for how you and your staff work, and how you access your data. You need an IT support provider who will keep your business protected, even in the midst of disastrous circumstances such as flooding, lightning damage, and extended power outages.

Data Backup vs. Disaster Recovery

If you don’t know where to begin, start with the knowledge that data backup and disaster recovery are not the same thing. Data backup is a copy of your data; while disaster recovery is the ability to restore your systems in a usable format in a time-frame that matches your business requirements.. When you live in an area that experiences natural disasters on a regular basis, then you need both data backup and disaster recovery capabilities. 

Our Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Process

Your business should be protected at all times, and you should urgently and proactively protect it with data backup and disaster recovery so you can be prepared before the problem hits.

To keep businesses like yours up and running during a disaster, we have a proactive data backup and disaster recovery process in place that will prevent you from experiencing significant downtime and impact to your business. 

To do this, we run weekly tests to confirm all your systems are healthy and would be fully operational in the cloud when needed. Then, we report back to you with information about your recovery time objective (RTO) so you know exactly how long it would take us to bring you online remotely when you need it most. 

We also report on what you will experience with your recovery point objective (RPO) which is how much data loss exposure you may have from the time of failure to what you have access to in the cloud. Depending on our clients business requirements, this is typically a maximum of one hour.

Avoid Another Crisis: Why Data Backups and Disaster Recovery Should Be Part of Your Hurricane Preparation

You Don’t Have Much Time — Are You Ready?

Hurricane season is just around the corner, and storms are already here. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your business. Take action now to ensure your plan is solid and tested to protect your data in the form of a proven data backup and disaster recovery process. Schedule a call with our team today so we can evaluate your needs to help you navigate through hurricane season with peace of mind.

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