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What Drives Profitability for your Non-Profit?

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As with most non-profits, it’s the mission, the impact you make in society. Understandably, you may want to focus solely on mission-critical things such as raising funds and completing projects successfully. But that’s not always possible as you also must pay attention to your IT needs as they support the mission.

Fortunately, it does not have to be so. TruTechnology is your trusted local non-profit IT support and services provider in the Jacksonville, FL area. Leverage our expertise in non-profit IT needs to take your mission to greater heights. With IT support for non-profits, you’ll have all the freedom to focus on the mission. Contact us today to speak to a Non-Profit IT support consultant.

Why Do Non-Profits Need IT Services?

IT needs vary from one sector to another and are still unique for individual organizations. This is especially so for non-profits. Beyond providing functions such as securing data and creating web pages, your IT needs to help you connect better with your cause and supporters.

At the end of the day, you don’t just want something that works. You want something that works for you. TruTechnology services will make it much easier to fulfill your fiduciary obligations to your donors. This is because your IT environment will be more efficient and secure.

Non-Profit IT Support

At TruTechnolgoy, we’ve taken the initiative to understand the unique challenges that non-profits face. These include:

  • Mission – Capturing donor information and donations efficiently is essential. This requires having the right mobile technology solutions. As such, your apps and website should be mobile-friendly.
  • Finance – Some of the biggest challenges non-profits face include IT budgeting and cash flow. Our solutions will ensure you have efficient and affordable IT and that most of your funds are channeled to the mission.
  • People – Instead of building teams of IT experts, our services allow you to bring in personnel to drive the mission forward. 

Considering these challenges, our non-profit IT support is specifically designed to address them. This way, you’ll spend less time and resources on technology and more time with donors, volunteers, and sponsors.

Types of IT Support

As mentioned, IT needs vary from one organization to the other, depending on several factors. As such, we offer different types of non-profit IT support to ensure we adequately cater to your needs. They include:

  • Managed IT – This involves providing you with ongoing IT support so that you can focus on your mission. Services include server management, cloud storage, email, etc.
  • Project-based IT – If you need help with a particular one-off task such as moving infrastructure, we’ll assist you.
  • Rapid response IT – When an emergency strikes, it’s essential to act fast and decisively to mitigate it. Our rapid response IT services will help you manage and eliminate such threats.
  • Customized IT – Our team of experts will tailor an IT solution to suit your unique needs, budget, and operations.

Benefits of Non-Profit IT Services

Given our IT services are specifically designed to support non-profits, you’ll enjoy key benefits that will support your mission. 

Maintain Your Edge and Remain Competitive

As with other sectors, non-profits also face stiff competition. Donors and sponsors want to channel funds to the non-profits that use funds efficiently and have the largest impact.

With us, you not only get IT support but a strategic partner. With this, you can focus on the key functions of your non-profit, giving you an edge over other non-profits.


Protect Member and Donor Data

Besides supporting your cause, your donors and sponsors trust you with their money and data. Such data includes their contact and financial information. Our non-profit IT services feature robust data protection to secure all your important data. We’ll deploy a multi-layered cyber security framework to repel cyber threats. 

Why Choose Us?

For us, it’s not just about delivering IT services. We understand and appreciate the huge role non-profits play in society. This is why our sole focus is to help you succeed and continue serving our community.

Reach out to us today for a non-profit IT services provider that’s invested in your success. 

Tony Haskew

Project Engineer

Tony Haskew has 15+ years of experience in the IT field. He started working as a web developer in the 90’s and over the years migrated into the administration of systems and infrastructures of companies. 

Tony enjoys working on new technology and finding new ways to address old issues in the management of IT systems.

Outside of work, Tony is a 3D printing enthusiast, commission painter, and enjoys spending time with his family.