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What is a virtual desktop?

Simply put, a virtual desktop allows you to access programs and secure information from your computer without the programs and information having to be physically stored on your computer. Traditionally, virtual desktops have been expensive and complex. With TruCloud, it’s affordable and simple! Virtual desktops offer complete mobility, increased performance, and enhanced functionality.

You don’t have to compromise your team’s productivity for security and mobility.

Without a virtual desktop, you’re resigning yourself to expensive equipment purchases and localized storage. At the same time, you’re opening your business up to possible data breaches. When you opt for a virtual desktop like TruCloud, you’ll benefit from a fast setup and easy scalability, as well as enhanced efficiency, productivity, and security. TruCloud is an efficient, productive, and secure approach to running Windows 10 in the Microsoft Cloud.
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What are the benefits of TruCloud?

Virtual desktops are beneficial for employers and employees, as they improve the day-to-day operations of your business by optimizing the way your team works.

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Let’s face it, physical servers and overpriced desktops are not what you want to be spending your hard earned profits on. Not only do they feel slower over time as software requirements inevitably increase, but they also carry a significant risk due to the nature of them being physical (hardware failures and security concerns). TruCloud offers a turn-key solution paired with a fully managed Desktop Virtualization solution powered by Microsoft Azure. It works with all your applications and devices (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) including access from any modern browser. We can move all of your current physical server workload to the cloud as well, so those systems will be connected to those desktops at blazing speeds unlike anything you have experienced before. You shouldn't have to compromise your staff’s productivity for security and mobility.