We’re here to make your technology work consistently and predictably every day. Our services below were designed to do just that and so much more!

First you choose how we engage with your team.

Full Outsourced IT

We will bring our full service delivery model to the table, taking care of all your organizations IT needs. From hands-on end-user support to providing strategic guidance, one call does it all. Take a look at Our Approach page to learn about all the value we pack in our predictable flat-rate monthly fee.

Co-Managed IT Solutions

We work as an extension of your internal IT team, bringing our proven process to identify risk and drive down issues, providing full infrastructure management while they continue to take great care of your staff and focus on higher value tasks for you and the organization with their new found time.

Then with a solid foundation in place, we implement the following solutions as needed.

Provided Infrastructure (TruOffice)

Many years ago we had clients with aging infrastructures that constantly caused issues and risk for us both. We analyzed all the time we were spending (appropriate word) on keeping it limping along and had an epiphany! We found that if we simply provided a standardized stack of hardware, that the saved labor cost of support would offset the cost of the hardware over time. Not only did it do that, but it also improved performance and security which paid huge dividends over time. Since then we have migrated all our clients to the same stack, which has created efficiencies for us both.

We provide the following infrastructure:

  • Networking equipment – Firewalls, wireless access points, and network switches
  • Servers – Located in your office or in our data center, when being in TruCloud isn’t the right fit
  • Battery backup units – For all our equipment to plug in to, making sure we have the visibility and uptime we need to best protect your systems

If you already have the models we support then we will take over management of the equipment, making sure everything is setup properly. If not, we will swap out what you have transparently as part of your onboarding.

Rest assured that our clients wouldn’t have this any other way.

Desktops in the Cloud (TruCloud)

Let’s face it, physical servers and overpriced desktops are not what you want to be spending your hard earned profits on. Not only do they feel slower over time as software requirements inevitably increase, but they also carry a significant risk due to the nature of them being physical (hardware failures and security concerns).

Welcome to TruCloud, a turn-key solution offering a fully managed Desktop Virtualization solution powered by Microsoft Azure. It works with all your applications and devices (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) including access from any modern browser. We can move all of your current physical server workload to the cloud as well, so those systems will be connected to those desktops at blazing speeds unlike anything you have experienced before.

You don’t have to compromise your staff’s productivity for security and mobility. With TruCloud you get these benefits:

  • Seamless employee experience – Work on the same desktop from anywhere on any device
  • Simplify desktop delivery – Takes minutes not days to setup new staff
  • Reduce costs – Staff can use their own personal computers (BYOD) or you can provide inexpensive devices as the performance is in the cloud
  • Keep data secure – All data is stored in a central location not on local devices

We would be happy to show you first-hand what this would look like for your business.

Hosted Phone System (TruVoice)

Being the single point of contact for all of our clients technology issues, the TruSupport team facilitates support for a wide range of phone systems. After seeing the volume of issues our clients were experiencing with well known VoIP services, many issues which went unresolved by these providers, we decided enough was enough.  We set out to build our own solution that would layer on top of TruOffice and virtually eliminate our clients’ issues while providing increased functionality for their teams. We did just that and created TruVoice.

Besides being extremely reliable, TruVoice has the full range of features that modern businesses require today, especially in today’s mobile world. Here are some of the features that have helped our clients:

  • Cloud hosted – It’s accessible from anywhere
  • Integrated video conferencing – Hold a one-on-one meeting, a sales presentation, a team brainstorming session, a webinar or even an online classroom
  • Mobile apps – Make or receive calls internally or externally from the iOS and Android app with your caller ID coming from the office (also recorded if required)
  • Windows client (softphone) – With a softphone or web phone, you can easily manage calls from your desktop or web browser removing the need for a physical phone

Let TruVoice deliver tangible productivity gains for your team.

Comprehensive Security (TruDefend)

Even though our product/solution mix included in our core offering and TruOffice has proven to be highly effective to date, the threat landscape continues to evolve, therefore so must we.

Cybercrime is a multi-billion dollar industry and you rarely hear of anyone going to jail for it. Most hackers target small businesses assuming they have less security, which is why 46% of all small businesses have been hit with a ransomware attack. 73% have paid the ransom. Hackers continue to innovate their attacks which takes a concerted effort on our part to combat them.

For example, typical antivirus scans for known bad files/processes, but it does ignore known good utilities as it has to so systems can run normally. Those good utilities can be leveraged by bad actors – this is now known as fileless malware and is becoming commonplace. Also, firewalls check for potentially dangerous traffic traversing your Internet connection; however, most systems are not looking at the traffic flowing between your devices on the network itself. That is why on average a hacker is in an environment for 197 days before making themselves known.

You can easily go overboard with security, so it all begins with an audit. We work with our clients to learn their businesses, policies, concerns, and what is in need of protecting. Our Senior Auditor, Stephen Oppel, has a saying that, “you wouldn’t spend $100 to protect a $5 bill.” With that we make sure that any recommendations we make are aligned with what is most important to you.

Everything You Need

Backup & Disaster Recovery

If your server were to fail today, could your business survive without all the data it holds? When it comes to the security of your business data, it’s not just about backup — you also need a recovery solution that manages the risk of losing your data due to a server crash or disaster that could literally put you out of business.

With ConnectedBackup from TruTech, you’ll have the power to:

  • Perform backup and recovery 12x faster than traditional backup solutions
  • Decrease storage costs by 80% with built-in data deduplication
  • Archive and protect important emails and data

Network Performance Monitoring

Our network monitoring provides businesses with an inexpensive, easy-to-use solution for continuously measuring performance parameters without impacting the end user’s experience or productivity.

Rely on proactive monitoring that can:

  • Cover all networks, from yours to your customers’
  • Deliver metrics on performance characteristics
  • Troubleshoot network problems and application disruptions

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting your network and critical business data is simple with managed security services from TruTech and our world-renowned security partner, Cisco.

With managed security services, you’ll benefit from:

  • Customizable features for security that fits your business
  • Centralized security management that provides a single unified console for security
  • Easy deployment so your security solution is set up quickly with minimal disruption to operations

Email & Spam Protection

Don’t let online threats be the downfall of your business. Email and spam protection assures your email is working to benefit your company without leaving you vulnerable to security problems.

Optimize your business email with one simple solution that will:

  • Amp up your productivity
  • Improve your business’s bottom line
  • Block more than 99% of spam, viruses, worms, and other harmful content

Endpoint Security

Safeguard the future of your business with customized endpoint security, which is deployed, monitored, and updated both automatically and remotely.

Know your business is secure with endpoint security that has:

  • Automatic threat-removal
  • Protection that lets you set it and forget it
  • Cloud-based centralized management and monitoring

Client Testimonials


You guys have been killing it. We’ve put a lot on you guys and your entire staff has been willing and able to take on the challenges. Thank you for all of the help.

J. Daniel Vallencourt

Vallencourt Construction

Client Since 2016


Your team is amazing. The customer service is always on point. I would have assumed you had 100+ [staff] just based on the high-quality customer service and fast response times. I feel like I’m your only client!

Kelly Pourciau


Client Since 2012


Our trouble tickets have significantly decreased compared to the previous IT company we had for years. But the thing I’ve noticed that really separates TruTech is that they really care, plain and simple.

Gregg Cohen

JWB Real Estate Capital

Client Since 2017