TruTechnology: Grateful to Serve as Your Jacksonville IT Company

TruTechnology is proud to be your reliable IT company in Jacksonville, offering tailored solutions to help your business thrive in the ever-evolving technology landscape. Our expertise in managed IT services not only solves technological challenges but helps your business achieve successful outcomes. With a focus on providing proactive and efficient support, we ensure you never have to worry about technology-related issues again.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional IT services has led to the success and satisfaction of numerous businesses in Jacksonville, with many receiving awards and national recognition. By partnering with TruTechnology, you benefit from ongoing maintenance, security testing, and 24/7 support and monitoring. This level of attention to detail enables your business to maintain a formidable defense against ransomware, data breaches, and other digital threats.

At TruTechnology, we understand the importance of meeting and exceeding your goals. We work closely with you to develop custom IT service plans that not only bolster your security but also align your technology with your overall business objectives. Trust in our proficiency to unleash the true potential of your organization, amplifying your efficiency and success.

The Pain Points We Address

At TruTechnology, we understand the challenges your business faces in today’s digital world. That’s why we offer comprehensive IT solutions to address the most critical pain points, including:


We know keeping your data and systems secure is a top priority. Our experienced team works tirelessly to protect your business from threats and cyber attacks. We employ cutting-edge security measures such as intrusion detection, firewalls, and ongoing monitoring, ensuring your sensitive information stays safe.

Downtime Prevention

Downtime can have severe consequences for your business, both financially and reputation-wise. With our proactive IT management, we minimize the risk of downtime by identifying and resolving issues before they become critical. Our strategies include regular system maintenance, software patches, and backups to ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Data Management

Managing your company’s data effectively is crucial for productivity and decision-making. We assist with data storage, backup, and recovery to prevent data loss and ensure your business can quickly resume operations during a disaster. Our team of experts also helps with data migration and integration, connecting your systems to work together seamlessly.

By partnering with TruTechnology, you can be confident that we are addressing your most critical IT pain points, allowing you to focus on growing and advancing your business.

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What Sets TruTechnology Apart

As a business owner, selecting the right IT company can be crucial to your success. TruTechnology sets itself apart as a leading IT services provider in Jacksonville, with its strategic focus on helping clients achieve their business goals through efficient and secure IT management.

  • Expertise and Experience: With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, TruTechnology has acquired an in-depth understanding of diverse IT challenges businesses face. This vast experience enables them to develop and implement customized solutions tailored to your business requirements.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: TruTechnology believes that your success is their success. By consistently delivering high-quality services with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and maintaining long-term relationships, they have built a reputation for being a trusted IT partner to many organizations in the Jacksonville area.
  • Managed IT Services: TruTechnology offers a comprehensive suite of managed IT services to help your business succeed. They take pride in being proactive, ensuring the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure, and promptly dealing with any issues, saving you time and resources in the long run.
  • Data Protection and Security: In an age where cyber threats are increasingly common, TruTechnology is strongly committed to keeping your business safe. They employ industry best practices and advanced security measures to ensure the safety of your critical data and IT systems.

So, as you consider a partner for your Jacksonville IT needs, remember that TruTechnology’s commitment to expertise, customer success, and comprehensive IT services make it a company worth consideration.

Our Approach Toward IT Support

At TruTechnology, we understand that dealing with technology can be risky and frustrating. That’s why our approach to IT support is built around minimizing issues and reducing risk for your business while improving performance and security.

Proactive Maintenance

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Our unique approach consists of six dedicated departments that work together to provide a solid foundation for your IT infrastructure. This allows us to anticipate problems before they occur, ensuring that your systems are always running smoothly and efficiently.

Our proactive maintenance includes:

  • Regular monitoring of your systems to identify potential issues
  • Scheduled updates and patches to keep your software and hardware current
  • Security enhancements to protect your business from cyber threats
  • Performance optimizations to keep your systems running at their best

Rapid Response

We understand that when issues arise, you need a fast and effective resolution. Our technical support response is designed to match the pace of your business, and we evaluate every request based on its severity and impact.

Our rapid response approach includes:

  • Prioritizing requests to ensure timely resolution
  • Scheduling work accordingly to maintain your business operations
  • Providing clear communication with you throughout the process
  • Utilizing our industry expertise to diagnose and resolve issues quickly

By choosing TruTechnology as your Jacksonville IT company, you can be confident in our knowledgeable and clear approach, delivering efficient IT support that keeps your business running smoothly.

Final Thoughts

As an IT company, TruTechnology takes pride in being an integral part of your Jacksonville business. By offering managed IT services, we work diligently to ensure your business succeeds and thrives in the face of ever-evolving technological challenges. With our skilled team of experts, we offer modern cloud-based services such as TruCloud and traditional on-site IT support to cater to your specific needs.

Maintaining an efficient and secure IT environment is critical to your business’s success. Our commitment to proactive solutions means you can trust us to protect you 24/7 with our ongoing maintenance, security testing, and monitoring services. Plus, our clients attest to our excellent customer service and fast response times – something we pride ourselves on.

While we focus on reducing your risks and strengthening your defenses against threats like ransomware, data breaches, and phishing attacks, we also work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall efficiency. Trusting TruTechnology with your IT needs means you’ll have peace of mind and the opportunity to experience a new level of technology management.

So, take the first step and schedule a technology review with our professionals. We’ll help you unlock the true potential of your business, providing a customized IT plan that allows you to focus on growth and prosperity, with impressive results visible in as little as 30 days. Embrace the opportunity for a worry-free IT experience with TruTechnology as your partner.

Remember, you deserve an IT company dedicated to your business’s growth and success. Trust TruTechnology to provide the IT solutions your Jacksonville business needs.

Tony Haskew

Project Engineer

Tony Haskew has 15+ years of experience in the IT field. He started working as a web developer in the 90’s and over the years migrated into the administration of systems and infrastructures of companies. 

Tony enjoys working on new technology and finding new ways to address old issues in the management of IT systems.

Outside of work, Tony is a 3D printing enthusiast, commission painter, and enjoys spending time with his family.