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COVID-19 Resource Guide, Helping You Work From Anywhere


At TruTechnology, we offer three efficient ways to get support:

Option 1 - Fill out the form to the right

Complete the simple form to the right providing as much information as possible, then the support team will review your request and respond accordingly.

If you are experiencing a business-critical service outage, please set the Request Type to "Emergency" and our support team will be notified 24x7x365 and respond accordingly.

Please note that after-hours (outside of Monday-Friday, 7am - 6pm EST or holidays), we will ONLY be alerted to “Emergency” requests until we return to the office the following business day.

Option 2 - Simply email

Please make sure to include your contact information and a detailed description of the issue or request in your email. You will get an auto-reply confirming that we received your request.

Please note that if this is an emergency request, do not use this option - use Option 1 above or 3 below.

Option 3 - Call us 904-559-1600

To best serve our clients needs during the COVID-19 crisis, we ask that you please reserve this option for emergencies only (i.e. VPN issues) or to follow up on an existing request. Thank you for your understanding.

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Our Response Time

Our technical support response matches the pace of your business. We evaluate every request to determine the appropriate response based on the severity and impact, and then schedule the work accordingly. We understand the importance of fast service and fast resolutions. As your partner in IT services, we’ll help you as quickly as we can.

Tony Haskew

Project Engineer

Tony Haskew has 15+ years of experience in the IT field. He started working as a web developer in the 90’s and over the years migrated into the administration of systems and infrastructures of companies. 

Tony enjoys working on new technology and finding new ways to address old issues in the management of IT systems.

Outside of work, Tony is a 3D printing enthusiast, commission painter, and enjoys spending time with his family.