TruTechnology Empowers Growing Businesses To Deliver Exceptional Service

MDM Commercial, a leader in technology solutions for healthcare and hospitality, empowers clients with custom LG TV system integrations. Their in-house software engineers develop solutions tailored to specific needs, optimizing the TV experience in everything from hotel rooms to patient wards.

As MDM grew, their requirements transcended off-the-shelf solutions.  That’s where TruTech stepped in.  TruTech’s expertise transformed MDM’s IT infrastructure, enabling secure and efficient operations for developers and administrative staff.  This powerful partnership is now fundamental to MDM’s success.

Jay Nunley, MDM’s CIO, faces complex challenges in IT infrastructure management. TruTech seamlessly complements his team, providing comprehensive support – from tackling daily operations to crafting strategic IT plans.  Their expertise empowers MDM to manage cloud-based video systems and safeguard sensitive data securely. TruTech’s proactive approach to incident response and system monitoring frees MDM to focus on its core business, ensuring peace of mind for Jay and his team.

Key Takeaways

  • Empowering Innovation: TruTechnology’s partnership allows MDM to develop highly specialized IT solutions, catering directly to the unique needs of both developers and administrative staff.
  • Focus Where It Matters: TruTech’s comprehensive IT support allows MDM to dedicate its resources to its core business, knowing its technology infrastructure is secure, efficient, and future-proof.
  • Growth with Confidence: TruTech’s collaboration provides MDM with strategic IT planning and proactive incident response – essential elements for navigating the demands of their rapidly growing company

Meet Our Client MDM Commercial

MDM Commercial’s rapid growth demanded a tech-savvy partner to manage their increasingly complex needs beyond simply selling equipment. TruTechnology stepped in to become that ally. Security was paramount, especially for MDM’s healthcare video systems on Azure cloud. TruTech manages access, allowing MDM to leverage the cloud’s benefits without the risks of on-premise infrastructure.

MDM values the importance of after-hours vigilance, and TruTech delivers just that. Downtime alerts are promptly communicated, empowering MDM to take proactive steps and minimize disruptions. This ensures clients receive uninterrupted service, even when employees work remotely.

MDM recognizes the vast knowledge needed to secure and optimize IT systems, so they partnered with TruTech. TruTech’s expertise in running operations smoothly allows MDM to stay focused on their core business and enjoy peace of mind, knowing their IT infrastructure is in good hands.

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Beyond In-House: Why Partnerships are the Future of Enterprise IT

Scaling and Tech Solutions

MDM Commercial’s growth transcended hardware distribution.  They now cater to the evolving needs of healthcare and hospitality clients, offering services like video wall installations and DirectTV system integrations.  LG Pro servers enhance their solutions by unifying TV systems on a robust commercial platform.

Developer Enablement

MDM’s in-house software engineers develop custom solutions for LG TV systems in healthcare facilities.  These solutions require a balance between flexibility for innovation and robust security to combat malware.  TruTech’s partnership empowers these developers by providing the necessary tools and ensuring their creations are shielded from cyber threats.

Full-Service IT Functions

TruTechnology integrates with MDM’s IT team, providing comprehensive support to ensure secure, efficient operations. This collaboration encompasses everything from user account management to safeguarding the security and accessibility of all MDM business data.

Maximizing ROI Through Strategic IT Strategy

TruTechnology offers a dedicated Chief Information Officer, providing expert guidance to navigate your technological journey. This includes a quarterly meeting and strategic plan and procuring the right equipment to stay ahead of the curve. This is particularly valuable for growing companies, as it allows them to benefit from high-level IT expertise without needing a full-time CIO.

Secure Cloud Management

MDM’s healthcare TV system leverages the convenience and security of a cloud-based video solution on Microsoft’s Azure platform. TruTech is critical in managing its cloud presence, ensuring only authorized users have access. This eliminates the security risks associated with on-premise infrastructure, allowing them to benefit from the robust security features of Azure.

Proactive System Monitoring and Response

MDM stays ahead of disruptions thanks to TruTechnology’s proactive network monitoring. TruTech’s vigilant system scans continuously, identifying and alerting MDM to any issues  – even outside of business hours. This allows MDM to address potential problems before they impact day-to-day operations, ensuring continuity of service for both clients and staff.

Jay, at MDM, understands the power of collaboration. Partnering with TruTechnology’s IT specialists has unlocked a new level of efficiency.  TruTech’s securing and optimizing IT expertise has become a cornerstone of MDM’s success. This genuine partnership ensures MDM can focus on its core business while TruTech safeguards and streamlines its technology.

Preventing Threats & Optimizing IT Performance

Notification Systems

TruTech leverages advanced monitoring tools to keep a watchful eye on MDM’s IT infrastructure 24/7. These tools are designed to detect anomalies outside of business hours that could disrupt operations.  In the event of a critical issue like a network outage or power failure, TruTech’s automated notification system will instantly alert us, allowing immediate action and minimizing downtime.

  • 24/7 System Watchdog: Instant notifications for any system outage or disruption, ensuring you stay informed around the clock.
  • Proactive Power & Network Alerts:  TruTech monitors power and network performance, sending out specific alerts for any issues that could impact operations.
  • Off-Hours Peace of Mind: TruTech’s monitoring continues even after business hours, informing them of critical events.

Off-Premise System Monitoring

MDM’s success hinges on secure remote management, especially for their cloud-based systems like Azure. MDM and TruTech work with all stakeholders to implement robust access controls for these platforms. This ensures that:

  • Empowered Developers: Software engineers have the correct access levels to develop secure and effective LG TV system integrations for healthcare.
  • Streamlined Security: TruTech meticulously manages MDM’s video systems, ensuring the secure delivery of healthcare content within hospitals.
  • Granular Access Control: User access to remote resources is carefully monitored and restricted, preventing unauthorized entry and maintaining robust security.
  • Cloud-Based Defense: Microsoft’s secure cloud platform management safeguards MDM from direct equipment breaches, adding an extra layer of protection.

TruTechnology’s focus on security and efficiency safeguards MDM’s resilience.

Tony Haskew

Project Engineer

Tony Haskew has 15+ years of experience in the IT field. He started working as a web developer in the 90’s and over the years migrated into the administration of systems and infrastructures of companies. 

Tony enjoys working on new technology and finding new ways to address old issues in the management of IT systems.

Outside of work, Tony is a 3D printing enthusiast, commission painter, and enjoys spending time with his family.