Cybersecurity is a set of practices, processes, and technologies used to protect computer systems and networks from any sort of breach, damage, or theft of data, hardware, or software. 

In short, cybersecurity solutions ensure that no unauthorized users enter your system or interfere with it.

According to Security Intelligence, companies lost around $600 billion in 2017 alone due to the rampant increase in cybercrimes that affected businesses both large and small. So it is crucial, now more than ever, to have firewalls and security checks in place to protect not only important data, but also the software infrastructure of your business.

If you’re a small business and think you’re not at risk, think again. A recent report found that more than two-thirds of companies with fewer than 1,000 employees have experienced a cyberattack, and 58 percent have experienced a breach. That same report found that 60 percent of small businesses could go out of businesses due to financial and operational damages associated with a cyberattack. 

What Is Cybersecurity?

The Impacts of a Cyber Attack

In order to understand the importance of cybersecurity, you need to understand the short-term and long-term impact an attack can have on you and your business. 

Short-Term Impacts

Attacks like DoS (denial of service) or ransomware have the ability to completely shut down the operation and functionality of your business. It can even prevent your customers from accessing your services and divert traffic to unknown sources that could be harmful or malicious in nature, which doesn’t just disrupt your business, but also destroys your reputability. Similarly, with ransomware, you can lose customer, employee, or statistical data that can only be retrieved after paying a ransom amount to the attackers. Such attacks can leave you economically and operationally paralyzed.

Long-Term Impacts

Cyberattacks can destroy a business’s reputation. If a business keeps ignoring breaches of data or disruptions in services, then it’s more likely to lose new and existing customers, especially if their competition is taking steps to protect their customers and their data. If you’re trying to build a good rapport with your clients, you have to ensure their privacy and safety. Remember, cyber attacks don’t just impact your business — they often impact your clients as well. You don’t want to put your customers at risk of data breaches, and you don’t want to open yourself up to a potentially financially crippling lawsuit.

Protect Your Business Against Cyberattacks

In today’s world, cyber attacks are everywhere, and they can happen to any company, large or small.  If you want to protect your business, the key is to stay proactive. Plan ahead of time on how to best prevent potential cyber attacks. One way to do this is by hiring a trusted IT company that can help you:

  • Protect your business from security risks, like data breaches, data loss, and ransomware.
  • Plan for predictable and predetermined technology outcomes.
  • Increase your confidence and productivity with technology you know is going to work.
  • Receive protection and support from skilled IT professionals, 24/7/365.

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