TruTechnology recently enjoyed attending the Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA) monthly meeting coinciding with their holiday event. At this gathering, attendees could listen to former Sheriff John Rutherford, now a Congressman, and see Jesse Spradley, the president of NEA, dressed up as Santa Claus. As an associate member of NEFBA, TruTechnology continues to forge strong business connections in Nassau, Duval, and Clay County communities.

Through their membership in NEFBA, TruTechnology diligently works to engage with Northeast Florida builders and contribute to the association’s networking events. By actively participating in these events, True Technology promotes and solidifies its dedication to establishing valuable partnerships in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • TruTechnology attended a networking event held by the Northeast Florida Builders Association.
  • A holiday celebration and informative meeting were combined during the event.
  • Building strong relationships with local builders remains a priority for True Technology.

True Technology’s Participation

Affiliation with NEFBA

Tru Technology is an associate member of the Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA). The company actively participates in the monthly meetings and special events organized by NEFBA, such as holiday events. During one of these events, Jesse Spradley, the President of NEFBA, even played Santa Claus, further emphasizing the strong relationship between True Technology and the association.

Partnerships with Northeast Florida Builders

TruTechnology takes pride in forging solid business relationships with builders in Northeast Florida. Their partnerships span across Nassau, Duval, and Clay County. These connections provide valuable networking opportunities for the company. NEFBA is crucial in helping True Technology strengthen these networks by organizing events to facilitate interaction and collaboration among regional businesses.

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True Technology’s Dedication to Networking

As an associate member of NEFBA, True Technology values the strong business connections established with builders across Northeast Florida, encompassing Nassau, Duval, and Clay County. These bonds have been further strengthened thanks to the consistently impressive networking events hosted by NEFBA.

True Technology is honored to partner with such a dedicated organization and looks forward to continued collaboration and growth within the Northeast Florida construction industry.

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