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In the Cloud or In the Office


Modern IT Services
with Desktops in the Cloud

Imagine technology that empowers you to improve the way your team works without compromising productivity for security or mobility. TruCloud is that solution. A modern, cloud-based IT service that works with all your applications and devices. It’s fast, stable, and secure!

Physical services and overpriced desktops aren’t the best use of your money. They slow down over time as software requirements change, and their physical existence carries major risk, like hardware failures and security concerns. TruCloud is a turn-key solution that offers a fully managed desktop virtualization solution powered by Microsoft Azure. It works with all your applications and devices (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android), including access from any modern browser. It’s fast, stable, and secure!

We can move all of your current physical server workload to the cloud, connecting those desktops at blazing speeds unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 

  • Seamless employee experience: work on the same desktop from anywhere, on any device
  • Simplify desktop delivery: it takes minutes, not days to set up new team members
  • Reduce costs: team members can use their own personal computers (BYOD), or you can provide inexpensive devices because the performance is in the cloud
  • Keep data secure: all data is stored in a central location, not on local devices

TruCloud empowers you to improve the way your team works without compromising productivity for security and mobility.


Traditional IT Services
with Provided Infrastructure

If you’re not ready for the cloud, or need a mix of traditional in office infrastructure, TruOffice is for you. TruOffice uses a standardized stack of hardware to minimize issues and reduce risk for your business. This saves you labor cost of support while improving performance and security. 

  • Networking equipment: firewalls, wireless access points, and network switches
  • Servers: located in your office or in our data center if TruCloud isn’t the right fit
  • Battery backup units: for all our equipment to plug in to, giving us the visibility and uptime we need to best protect your systems

If you already have the models we support, we’ll take over management of the equipment. If not, we’ll swap out what you have as part of your onboarding. Either way, we’ll make sure you’re set up for success with TruOffice.

Fully Outsourced or Co-Managed with your IT department, we can help with both...

Full Outsourced IT

We will bring our full service delivery model to the table, taking care of all your organizations IT needs. From hands-on end-user support to providing strategic guidance, one call does it all. Take a look at Our Approach page to learn about all the value we pack in our predictable flat-rate monthly fee.

Co-Managed IT Solutions

We work as an extension of your internal IT team, bringing our proven process to identify risk and drive down issues, providing full infrastructure management while they continue to take great care of your staff and focus on higher value tasks for you and the organization with their new found time.

Hosted Phone System (TruVoice)

Eliminate phone system issues and get increased functionality for your teams with TruVoice.

Besides being extremely reliable, TruVoice has the full range of features that modern businesses require, especially in today’s mobile world. 

  • Cloud hosted: accessible from anywhere
  • Integrated video conferencing: hold a one-on-one meeting, a sales presentation, a team brainstorming session, a webinar, or even an online classroom
  • Mobile apps: make or receive calls internally or externally from the iOS and Android app with your caller ID coming from the office (also recorded if required)
  • Windows client (softphone): easily manage calls from your desktop or web browser, removing the need for a physical phone

Never miss a call again and let TruVoice deliver tangible productivity gains for your team.

Comprehensive Security (TruDefend)

All businesses need comprehensive security to protect themselves from the dark web.

Cybercrime is a multi-billion dollar industry and you rarely hear of anyone going to jail for it. 

Most hackers target small businesses assuming they have less security, which is why 46% of all small businesses have been hit with a ransomware attack. 73% have paid the ransom. Hackers continue to innovate their attacks, which takes a concerted effort on our part to combat them.

You can easily go overboard with security, so it all begins with an audit. Our senior auditor likes to say, “You wouldn’t spend $100 to protect a $5 bill.” That’s why we’ll work with you to learn your business, policies, concerns, and what actually needs protection.

With that in mind, we’ll only make recommendations that are aligned with what’s most important to you, and we’ll put TruDefend in place so your business is protected 


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