Impressive Microsoft 365 Apps: Enhancing Productivity in 2024

Users often miss out on the full potential of their Microsoft 365 licenses by gravitating toward familiar applications when navigating complex software suites. However, Microsoft 365 offers more than just the well-known Office applications. A whole host of apps can assist with various tasks, from staff management to mileage tracking. These apps can revolutionize the way you work, especially with the ability to create line-of-business apps without any coding knowledge, thanks to Flow and Power Apps. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 12 beneficial Microsoft 365 apps you might not use to their fullest potential.

Key Takeaways

  • Broaden your horizons with the numerous apps available in Microsoft 365
  • Discover new ways to optimize workflow and productivity with lesser-known Microsoft 365 applications
  • Unleash the power of Microsoft 365 by taking advantage of the diverse range of apps it offers

Microsoft 365 Apps You Should Utilize

1. Power Apps

Power Apps empowers users to develop custom applications quickly and efficiently. These apps seamlessly integrate with your required data and offer a user-friendly experience. You can build apps with a point-and-click interface, using logic expressions similar to Excel. Power Apps work on the web, iOS, and Android, allowing you to start with premade templates or create from scratch.

2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams expertly combines chat and online technology to enable smooth and productive virtual meetings. It supports video, audio, and web conferences with anyone, including external parties. Teams also lets you share and collaborate on files with other Microsoft 365 apps and integrate third-party services to tailor your team process.

3. Planner

Planner is a simple yet effective tool for teams to:

  • Create new plans
  • Organize and assign tasks
  • Share files
  • Collaborate on ongoing projects
  • Receive updates on progress

Planner can be launched with a single click, allowing you to create plans quickly, form teams, assign tasks, and keep everyone updated. Each plan features a dedicated board where tasks are sorted into buckets—an excellent visual planning system.

4. Flow

Flow lets you establish automated workflows between your most-used apps and services. Set up workflows to receive notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more. For example, with a few clicks, you can capture tweets as leads in Dynamics 365 or subscribers in Mailchimp.

5. StaffHub

Designed for the Firstline Workforce in Office 365, StaffHub facilitates the creation of productive communication spaces for employees to share feedback, ideas, and knowledge and contribute to the organization’s vision. With StaffHub, you can manage staff schedules on the go, respond to changes, assign tasks in real time, and provide training resources.

6. Power View and Power Pivot in Excel

Power View simplifies interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation, enabling the creation of visually appealing reports on demand. Meanwhile, the Power Pivot add-in provides sophisticated data analysis and complex data modeling—grabbing data from multiple sources, merging, and analyzing them quickly for insights.

7. Stream

Stream enhances video sharing within your organization, making it easy to create, find, and securely share videos across the company. Interactive features encourage employee engagement and collaboration around the content.

8. Sway

Sway allows for the rapid creation of stunning presentations, newsletters, and documents. Effortlessly drag and drop photos, videos, and multimedia from various sources. The built-in design engine ensures eye-catching layouts, requiring only finishing touches before sharing.

9. Yammer

Yammer streamlines decision-making processes by connecting everyone in the organization for real-time communication. Participate in meaningful discussions to expedite work and obtain faster answers to pressing questions. Collaborate across departments for increased efficiency.

10. OneNote

OneNote offers a versatile note-taking solution, organizing notebooks into sections and pages for easy navigation and search. Revise notes using type, highlight, or ink annotations, and access your notes seamlessly across all devices.

11. MileIQ

MileIQ provides automatic and precise mileage reporting via your mobile device. It runs in the background, automatically tracking mileage without manual inputs. The recorded data is then used for tax deductions and reimbursement reporting.

12. Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard enables team brainstorming on a digital canvas, regardless of geographical location. Utilize the freeform interface with a pen, touch, or keyboard, and collaborate on an infinite canvas for productive whiteboarding sessions.

Expand Your Boundaries With These Microsoft 365 Apps

Adapting to new applications and integrating their functionalities into our daily routines can be time-consuming. However, overcoming these challenges is highly rewarding, enhancing our overall productivity and performance. By embracing Microsoft 365 apps, we can streamline our company’s life and work habits.

At TruTech, we offer expert assistance in consolidating the complete prowess of Office 365 into your business operations. We also provide security assessment workshops that scrutinize the protection measures employed within Microsoft 365. This ensures that all your applications and supporting systems perform efficiently and securely.

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