Continuous Network and Application Monitoring in Florida and throughout the United States

Proactively monitor and troubleshoot network problems and application disruptions throughout the country

Today’s performance-sensitive IT applications such as VoIP, Video and Virtualization are not very forgiving when it comes to latency or packet loss which could be due to a wide range of possible issues. Your network infrastructure wasn’t designed for the ways your network is used today and older monitoring tools only let you see the devices you own, not the entire end-to-end network path. To manage them properly, you need to be able to see through the cloud and monitor the health of all individual network paths, every step of the way.

TruTech’s network and application monitoring capabilities give you direct management across your entire extended network. We provide continuous monitoring of path performance, covering not only your network, but also those of your carriers, service providers, partners and customers.

We deliver metrics on performance characteristics such as jitter, latency and available bandwidth from any location to any IP-addressable target worldwide.

TruTech Network Monitoring provides enterprises an inexpensive, easy to use solution for continuously measuring performance parameters without impacting the end users experience or productivity.

Find out how our Network Performance Monitoring can give you new insight into your businesses network.

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