Can your network handle additional applications?

Before deploying new performance-sensitive applications like VoIP, Virtualization, EHR, VDI, or video conferencing, you need to ensure your network can sustain them without impacting other critical business systems. With an Assessment from TruTech, we'll accurately measure the reliability of your network, in Florida and throughout the United States, to determine whether or not you can seamlessly integrate new technology with no interruption or risk to your business and your customers.

Many businesses, around the world, underestimate the importance of a network assessment before rolling out new applications. Without considering the effects of network traffic on your existing infrastructure, implementing an additional network application can be detrimental to your organizations productivity.

With an expert Assessment from TruTech, you can efficiently evaluate your network readiness with:

  • Pre-deployment assessment
  • Post-deployment assessment
  • Ongoing monitoring for optimal performance
  • Troubleshooting to detect unforeseen problems
  • Accurate reporting from each stage

TruTech provides metrics on performance characteristics including latency, jitter (voice and data), loss (voice and data), bandwidth capacity/utilization, and MOS (Mean Opinion Score) from any location to any IP target around the globe.

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