Managed Security Services

Protect your business with centralized security and network management

Protecting your network and critical business data is simpler than you ever thought possible, with Managed Security Services from TruTech and our world-renowned security partner, Cisco. Using the Cisco Meraki Centralized Management System platform, we offer organizations like yours a powerful and user-friendly solution for centralizing the management of your firewall, anti-spam, backup, recovery and secure remote access solutions.

With Managed Security Services from TruTech, we provide real-time monitoring, alerts and reporting for the IT you count on each and every day, giving you the freedom to stop worrying about network security and focus on your business.

The benefits of Managed Security Services from TruTech include:

  • Centralized Security Management - provides a single unified console and our team as your single point of contact for security
  • Easy Deployment - can have your comprehensive security solution set up quickly with minimal disruption to operations
  • Customizable Features - allows for simple policy management, cross-platform reporting and flexible deployment options; security that fits your business
  • Proactive Monitoring - gives access to real-time alerts that speed up troubleshooting for preventative security measures and faster problem resolution

TruTech is the trusted partner you need for security. With our dedicated support team behind you, you can finally put an end to security worries once and for all.

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