Proactive Technology Management

Our TruActive Technology Management is more than a set of reactive tools that many IT providers consider to be proactive tools.  We are in the business of developing processes and procedures to ensure your environment is free from irritating and productivity draining issues.  Our process drives to a quiet and efficient technology and work environment for you and your employees protected against risks and free from potential problems.

Reactive Support Tools

  • Patch Management – Each of your systems are kept current with the latest security patches, protecting you against threats.
  • Monitoring and Alerting – We keep a close eye on your systems, spotting problems many times before you are even aware of them 24x7.
  • Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus – Tired of paying for anti-virus and anti-spam then paying again to have a virus cleaned up? We use our anti-virus and anti-spam licensing to protect your environment and if you do get a virus, that’s on our dime.
  • Basic Content Filtering – Ever wonder what your employees are doing on-line? We can tell you; better yet, we can prevent unauthorized access before it happens AND protect your network from malvertizements, scareware and browser attacks that often circumvent anti-virus software.
  • Desktop Optimization – What happens when a machine gets slow and acts buggy? We have tools to perform defrag, check disks, remove temp files, etc. on a regular basis to keep your desktops running optimally at all times.
  • Server Backup and Recovery – Our backup and recovery solution takes snapshots of your servers, keeps this data on site and replicates it off site.
  • Customer Support Team – 8:30am – 5:30pm ready to help.
  • Remote Helpdesk and On-Site Support – No more wondering if you’re going to get charged if someone has to come on-site to address a problem.
  • Third-Party Application Support – Let us take the hassle of managing your critical application, even the ones specific to your industry.
  • “How To” Questions – Need to know how to do a mail-merge or organize security on a folder – give us a shout, we’ll gladly walk you through the process.

The TruActive Difference

  • First Impressions – We begin relationships with you and your employees when we on-board your organization. Our on-boarding procedures are more in depth than anything you have ever seen and will have an immediate impact on the productivity of everyone within your organization.
  • Vendor Management – No more waiting on hold with the software vendor and wondering why the copier guy did not fix the machine the first time. We become the problem solver for your organization becoming the central contact for all issues and working hand in hand with all of your existing vendors so that you can get back to work!
  • Ticket Elimination – Tired of paying more every time your company has a problem with technology? Our structure allows us to be your partner and work together to constantly improve and solve the issues before you or your employees ever suffer from the symptoms of those issues.
  • Fractional CIO Services – Fortune 500 companies employ a CIO to steer the organization into the future and now you can too. With the constantly changing environment of technology you need to have an expert that can guide the organization forward
  • Budgeting – The failure of many IT providers is that they only want to talk about budgeting when it is time for a refresh.  Can you imagine having your IT budget laid out for the next year? 3 years? 5 years?

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