Network Administration

Our Network Administration team is focused on preventing problems before they occur, it is their only job. This takes time, tools, experience, and best practices to ensure that your environment is constantly being aligned to our well defined best practices. It's this proactive time that forces reactive support issues down. There is a big difference between a proactive automation of tasks and a reoccurring scheduled manual deep dive into your environment to make sure it stays in-line with our best practices over time.

  • Network Management – From new user setups to terminations, moves, adds and changes, we handle it all.
  • Strategic Alignment – We dedicate staff to your organization and schedule intervals where they will be on-site to focus solely on strategic best practice alignments to ensure that your business and employees are not susceptible to potential IT symptoms that can and should be prevented.
  • Transparency – Each month we review your performance metrics including ticket types, resolution times, uptime percentage, and etc.  We give you access to reports and concrete numbers to gauge your results and plan for the future.

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