Fixed Cost Managed IT Services

TruTechnology’s managed services are client-centered. We relieve your burdens, providing technology solutions that go far beyond just monitoring and responding to alerts. We redefine what it means to truly be proactive. TruTechnology tailors a plan for your organization and it all starts with a consultation that looks to simply discover where you are and where you need to be with regards to your technology support.

TruTech’s Flat Rate services allow you to constantly expect more from your IT provider. Your networks are dependable and our fees are predictable.

Our comprehensive managed services include:

  • Fast reactive support when required, we are there when you need us
  • SLA's based on your business requirements, not ours
  • Monitoring, backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Preventative risk protection, vulnerability and patch management
  • Vendor management
  • Ongoing risk mitigation and best practices alignment
  • Performance driven approach to technology budgeting
  • Much more...

As your Flat Rate IT provider it is our responsibility to manage all aspects of your organization's technology needs.  We continuously strive to be proactive and avoid any potential disruptions in your business and employee productivity. If you are ready to eliminate unresolved IT problems, unexpected IT support bills, unproductive hours negotiating effective IT help, then contact TruTech today.

Expect more! Contact us today