White Papers

Small businesses looking to increase productivity need effective technology. See how small computer networks enable small businesses to increase information sharing, security and back-ups while reducing hardware costs…read more.

IT has become a significant logistic and cost consideration for small businesses. See how small businesses are using the latest features in Managed IT Services to overcome difficulties in day to day operations and increase productivity…read more.

Mobile technology is increasingly vital to small businesses as a growing number of employees work remotely from home or on the road. With more than 50 million US workers spending more than 20% of company time away from the office, secure and dependable mobility has never been more relevant…read more.

Voice over Internet Protocol, a low-cost alternative to traditional phone services, is becoming a viable solution for smaller companies needing to improve communication systems and reduce costs. See how hosted VoIP services are making broadband internet communication affordable…read more.

Global and local connectivity impact businesses on a small and large scale, from employee sharing in day to day operations to reaching out to global clients. See how web collaboration can improve productivity and broaden your reach by facilitating the transfer of ideas and information across geographic boundaries…read more.

For many small to medium sized businesses, IT is not a core competency but is an integral part of operations. See how scalable Outsourced IT services help businesses stay secure and stay ahead…read more.

Eliminate the risk of low and high-tech information breaches. Businesses are now adopting critical measures to protect sensitive and proprietary data. See how comprehensive data protections plans now include access limitations for employees and training and implementation of privacy policies…read more.