Pillar 4: Technology Consulting

Along with our data-driven Network Auditing and Alignment and Proactive Technology Management approach, Technology Consulting is where TruTechnology offers clients a competitive edge. That’s because our recommendations are rooted in our analysis of the specific IT environment – not general industry guidelines alone. We see ourselves as partners in our clients’ business, and just as accountable for delivering results as any other internal department. Because we are constantly documenting our clients’ systems, collecting data, and establishing metrics, we are uniquely positioned to advise on the business impact of their technology operations.

Strategic Insight That Bolsters Bottom Lines

The core of our Technology Consulting is overseeing the work from a business perspective. The Technology Consultant serves as a true partner in the company, working with C-level executives and other stakeholders on ways to best leverage their technology spend for maximum ROI and true alignment with our clients’ strategic goals.

The Technology Consultant performs monthly audits of all the data generated by our work with the company. This provides a 360-degree view of a client’s IT operations that is data-driven and informed by metrics. The Technology Consultant then meets with executives and other stakeholders on a quarterly basis to discuss the audit and provide guidance on moving forward, as well as business initiatives that drive IT goals.

Most IT support companies think of planning as being about the lifecycle management of hardware and software license renewals. That has to be done well, but it cannot end there.

We focus on any misalignments we’ve identified in the current technology environment and the expectations of what that technology can deliver. This allows us to help clients make the most effective use of their technology budgets. Because we have deep knowledge of their systems, we are able to help them prioritize spending on technology in a way that’s aligned with their budget realities. Armed with this data, a Technology Consultant will help clients set priorities over time in ways that directly impact their unique strategic goals for productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Another often overlooked issue: client expectation versus reality. TruTechnology strives to ensure stakeholders are made aware of any gaps between their expectations of technology versus the reality of their systems’ limitations. For example, if a client believes a system will never go down, but the reality is it could go down for four hours at a time, we make the client aware of that gap, then work to prioritize budgets and align priorities to close it.

The company’s goals are the Technology Consultant’s goals, and the Technology Consultant speaks the language of the boardroom. With our Technology Consultant in the room, our clients have a strategic ally as focused on building their business as they are.