Pillar 2: Standardized Technology Management

Preventing Soft Cost Leaks, Mitigating Risk

IT downtime is expensive. More expensive, in fact, than most companies realize. They count the time the Internet is down, or email doesn’t work, or the fact that important company information is not accessible on shared drives. That, though, is not the entire cost of downtime. What about the time an employee spends trying to correct the problem before giving up and calling support? Or, how much productivity is lost if an employee has to switch to a lower-value task while technicians work on the problem? Consider that employee’s salary lost along with the lost revenue they couldn’t support or generate. It’s significant.

The system doesn’t have to be down to bring productivity to a screeching halt. Network slowness is another major offender. When tasks take two to three times longer than they should across the entire network, losses are compounded.

These soft costs have a hard impact on a company’s profitability. Every time a tech problem happens, money is leaking out of the company. Reactive support plugs the leaks after they’ve started, but money is still lost. In fact, it’s estimated that lost revenue generation can equal up to four to five times an employee’s salary. Our Centralized Technology Management identifies and prevents as many leaks as possible from ever happening.

To be a real partner in a company’s success, then, IT support must not only fix problems but also prevent them in the first place.

Our Processes Drive Client Profits

We use a standardized toolset for backup, network security, and monitoring across all client systems. This ensures the best outcomes for our clients:

  • Our toolset has been thoroughly researched and vetted against ours and industry best practices
  • All team members know the toolset inside and out, allowing for faster issue avoidance and resolution
  • As upgrades need to be made to the toolset, we make them automatically and at no charge to our clients
  • Clients can stop paying renewals for their existing anti-virus and anti-malware software
  • As part of our flat rate, clients can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with best-in-class protection and backup

Our Centralized Technology Management services include:

  • Patch management (Windows and popular third-party applications)
  • Managed security services (firewall management)
  • Desktop optimization (defrag, temp file removal, etc.)
  • Onsite / offsite backup and disaster recovery
  • Infrastructure monitoring