Our Methodology

TruTechnology’s Methodology, Processes and Quality Control

Leveraging the insights and experience of our collective knowledge, the TruTechnology methodology takes a holistic view of IT management that drives our clients’ business objectives forward. We are not content with solely being reactive tech support, or even merely heading off major problems. We cover the basics that any IT provider must have — reactive support, monitoring of key infrastructure and project implementation capabilities — but we take it much further. Our approach creates a partnership that is mutually beneficial. When we succeed, our clients thrive.

There are five pillars to our methodology. Implemented together, they create a seamless, data-driven IT support ecosystem based on best practices that ensure our clients get the most out of their technology investment, both now and in the future. Knowledge means leverage, and our process delivers tangible metrics for where clients are losing money, productivity, and efficiency — and exactly what steps are needed to mitigate those losses.